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We want to thank you for your work toward our company's dream. The website looks great and we are very excited about that. - Silviu

Working hard & smart

Your brand is no longer your brand. It's everyone's brand and it should be loved and trusted. We make its potential customers fall in love with it. We transform your brand into a lovemark through powerful, sustainable relations between your brand and its consumers.

We do this by implementing the right social media strategies, by building the right website and by promoting your brand throughout social and new media.

We can do this for your brand of any kind, type or size.

What we know

It's not magic... We're just doing it the right way!

Our Brand, Digital Integrated Media Agency
and Businesses

We have built the agency upon two key businesses: Burzware™ and Burzcast™. While Burzware is the main design and development company, our other company, Burzcast is mainly focused on new media.

Between the two, we do a lot in digital media, social media, development, design, consultancy and cloud solutions for your business.

We've been doing this for 10 years already, and we have just began!

Young, bold, fast, scalable and adaptable

We are an integrated digital media agency, skilled in social media, new media and website design and development

In short: we audit, we analyse, we build, we measure, we adjust. We launch, we analyse, we build some more, we audit, we measure, we promote.

We measure some more, we audit. When reality makes way, we carefully measure and promote some more.

Then we build virtual infinite scalable solutions for your brand. It needs to be connected to consumers.

Let's do this!

Just a handfull of
our most used skills

  • Social Media Marketing93%
  • Website Design and Development98%
  • UI, UX and Integration95%
  • New Media and Digital Media90%
  • Mobile and Smart Device Software/App Development92%
  • Internet of Things Software95%
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We build sustainable connections between
your everyone's brand and its consumers.

Build an online presence

We build your responsive, mobile friendly, everything friendly website from the ground up, using today's technologies. We write the copy, optimize it for speed, performance and search engines, host it and maintain it online. Oh, and by the way, the domain name and the first year of hosting are free.

We help you with your content

To stay relevant in your niche, your brand must provide its consumers with loads of useful, free, new media content. We know a thing or two about new media content. We can help you with it whether it is audio, video or text.

Talk to your customers

Your brand must be social. We don't care if it's an industrial business company, a small corner shop or a blogger. We also don't care if you haven't had that when you were growing up. This is not the time to be romantic about that. It's time to embrace 2020 and correctly yet powerfully build a brand, you must be where your customer's attention is and that's the social networks. Be in front of them the right way. We can help!

Maintain, analyze, measure and update constantly

It doesn't help if you’re just doing it once. Everything evolves and technology and social media marketing changes at such rapid pace. Your customer's attention shifts from your brand to another should it not become a favorite. We help your brand remain a lovemark in your customer's minds for a long time by measuring what works and what doesn't. Then we get back to work and update, tweak and maintain the relationship between it and its customers.

This is how your brand
should work

To have a successful brand, it must connect to its consumers, thus becoming everyone's brand and a lovemark on its own. We can help.


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